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        Portfolio Solutions

        Exposure Management

        When it comes to transitioning your assets, our exposure management team can help you manage your move to a new target benchmark while reducing your risk. Whether you have a fully developed transition plan or you’re still working out timing and target details, we can provide you with key benefits, including tracking error minimization, cost efficiency and operational ease.

        Our exposure management services may be used on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated complement to our Global Transition solution. Our dedicated portfolio managers work directly with you to create customized portfolio exposures, and are highly accessible throughout the process. These dedicated international experts have provided exposure solutions across 688 mandates, benchmarked to more than 105 different global indices, totaling more than $116 billion in assets since inception1.

        Interim Exposure Management

        Our interim exposure management delivers an effective exposure bridge to reduce your costs and risks over the whole transition. As you’re transitioning assets, we’ll customize a target exposure with your risk preferences, balancing tracking error and benchmark with expected costs.

        Interim Asset Allocation Overlay

        Discover our customized solution that aligns your plan with future intended allocation targets in advance of a portfolio transition.

        Cash Equitization

        We maintain market exposure for your portfolio’s uninvested cash by overlaying the excess cash balances held by managers, along with any plan-level cash, to a targeted market exposure.

        Liquidity Management

        To minimize your transition’s drag on your portfolio, we’ll help you manage your cash. With our size and access to one of the largest sources of natural crossing liquidity, you can reduce trading costs like commissions, spreads and market impact.

        1As of December 31, 2016