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        Official Institutions

        Transforming to Meet
        the Needs of a New World

        NIMBLE Institutions Lead the Way

        Nimble Institutions Leading the Way

        Our infographic shows how they’re creating a road map for transformation.

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        Breaking It Down

        Get an overview of our research results, then drill into data by institution type.

        Overview NIMBLE Institutions Central Banks Sovereign Wealth Funds
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        Faced with an uncertain economic environment of rising interest rates, fluctuating commodity prices, and unpredictable growth rates, official institutions are shoring up their capabilities and investment strategies to ensure they can adapt.

        Our global survey of 102 official institutions reveals a growing readiness to make changes across key areas of operation, from diversifying investments and revisiting risk, to upgrading governance structures and attracting new talent.

        Our new report, “Official Institutions: Transforming to Meet the Needs of a New World”, highlights a group of these institutions — distinguished by six measures of agility — that is taking the lead in this transformation. Read our report to see why we’ve defined these institutions as NIMBLE.

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        About the Research

        This report is based on a State Street survey of 102 representatives of official institutions. The State Street 2015 Official Institutions Survey was conducted by Oxford Economics in September and October 2015. Respondents included 52 central banks, 25 sovereign wealth funds, and 25 government pension funds. Respondents covered a range of roles with strategic oversight of their institutions’ investment strategies, including fund managers, portfolio managers, CFOs and strategy directors.